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Diy Compost tumbler plans

"This Is My Actual 20 Year Old
Garden Compost Tumbler"

Snow on the Ground, Rusty Hinges and all, IT Keeps on Rolling...Year After Year...

"20 Years ago, I spent less then $10.00 to build it...
TODAY...You can build your own...FREE!"
My DIY Compost Tumbler Plans... Will
Show You how We
Cracked the CODE!
So, now you can build your own Compost Tumbler too...

For less then $10.

Why Spend Hundreds even Thousands of $$$ on catalog (commercial)
brand Compost Tumblers?
When You Are Not Even Sure how often You will use the Tumbler???
(How many home exercise machines are under people's beds???)

My DIY Compost Tumbler Plans are just what the Garden Doctor Ordered...
You can get your hands on these Compost Tumbler Plans, fast, easy and
very inexpensive...
Today! (our introductory price of $7.00 is still valid)

Ebook compost tumbler plans

Benefits to You

  • Why buy an expensive Compost Tumbler that you may not use that often?

  • Why pay hundreds for a Compost Tumbler that is just a cheap plastic barrel?

  • My full 31 page report including actual photos of the Tumbler's construction.

  • This is Not a cheap 2 page report with stick figures (seen on ebay), but full “how to” plans that you can use today.

  • Parts list and suggestions on building your Compost Tumbler FREE, or next to nothing.

  • A proven winner for the past 20 years.

  • Download today (while offer lasts) or any day 24/7 in PDF format.

  • Compatible for PC's and Mac's and only $7.00

Dear Fellow Gardner,

My name is Robert O'Donnell and I have been an avid Gardner for over 40 years. For many years in Eastern Pennsylvania and now in a more rural setting in New Hampshire.
I have always been interested in “Compost Tumblers” since I first saw them advertised around 20 years ago. But... I had a big problem, THE COST...?
Even back then Compost Tumblers were sold at a high price. Some even cost close to $1000.
I was determined to learn how to build my own Tumbler, so with the help of one of my employees (a Graduate of Drexel Institute) we drew up the idea and eventually we,
Cracked the Code
Most Compost Tumblers ranging around $100 to $200 Dollars... do not include any interior parts.
At least not the proper parts to effectively “Compost”.
No aeration, No drainage, No ventilation...
Without the proper inner workings you have nothing more then a barrel that rotates?
Garbage and scraps in... but no compost coming out...
My simple to follow DIY Compost Tumbler Plans can solve these problems. Plus, depending on what is laying around your home, you can build it practically FREE!
 Be sure to order your copy Today.  At only $7.00!

------------------------------------From a recent customer-------------------------------

Thanks Bob, You have gone the great lengths in giving wonderful, detailed instructions,along with your pictures. Contrary to your opinion of your photography skills,you did a great job in showing how your tumbler is built and operates. Yes, this
does look like something I could assemble. Joyce P. N.H.

Index (Table of Contents)
. We cracked the Code!
. For the beginning composter (please read), if you are new to composting?
. Why a Compost Tumbler?
. Parts you will need
Plastic or Metal (The Barrel)
. Tools you will need?
. Assembly instructions
. Useful “tips” for better composting

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you are not satisfied, simply request a complete
100% refund. No questions asked!

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Robert O'Donnell

Diy Compost tumbler plans

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